An idea becomes reality

An obsession

A beautiful flight day in the Alps ends and two paragliders talk on a warm summer evening on their way home to Holzkirchen railway station. The topics of conversation range from the flight experiences of the day to life stories to the headlines of Elon Music. At some point the two pilots will talk about motorised paragliding and later about the topical, albeit somewhat dusty, topic of electric powered paraglider.

10 seconds of success

It takes two months, meanwhile it is the end of August 2018. Jakobsberg near Feldkirchen-Westerham: Normally there is a peaceful countryside idyll between cows, fields and maybe one or the other cyclist. But this idyll is interrupted on this day again and again by a deep, roaring noise. Two figures and an orange-white paraglider are visible next to the dirt road on the hill. They are the same two pilots. One of the two carries a big misshapen frame on his back, pulls up the paraglider, the propeller noise becomes louder and the glider lifts off after a few steps, screams of jubilation and after a few seconds the pilot lands on the ground again.

The very first test flight has been completed and the proof of feasibility seems to have broken, even though the prototype weighs almost 30 kg, has a bulky steel frame including cage and a scratched wooden propeller. The fact that the control occasionally stops seems almost irrelevant.

PEGASUS gets founded

A few months pass and autumn and winter arrive. Small prototypes and software are developed and calculations are made, but also discussions take place and opinions are sought. After positive encouragement the decision is made! PEGASUS is founded and stands on legally secure legs at the beginning of the new year.

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